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Weights Fractional With Rider Abron

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Product Code : AC-263

Weights Fractional With Rider Abron

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MRP : 32 /- Rs

Price : 12/- Rs.


These are good quality aluminium weights from 1 mg to500mg aluminium weights mg 1,2,2,5,10,20,20,50 mg Stainless steel weights mg 100, 200, 200, 500 mg with duplicate of 2.20 and 200 mg. a total of 12 eights in set. They are calibrated strictly within the error limits of tolerance permitted by N.P.L India . Quality is class ‘B’ These weights are supplied in beautiful round plastic case.
AC-263-A Physics
Fractional Weights
AC-263-B Analytical Fractional Weights

Riders Aluminium

For analytical balances specify