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Door with Glass Window or Full Perspex Door
Outer Body Mile Steel Painted
Inner Chamber Heavy Stainless Steel Sheet
Heater Nichrome Wire
Operates 220V AC 50 HZ
Temperature +5 To 50oC with heating and cooling both
Accuracy +/- 1% C (0.1)
Heat Switch 3 Way Rotary
Airwent Closable
with wire 2 meter and plug
Shaker Details
Speed by Knob 0-200rpm Linear
Digital RPM meter with rotary knob for speed
Timer dial type 0-5 minutes or 60 minutes
Body Stainless Steel Sheet
Adjusment holds 4x 500ml flask/Beaker adjustable rods for holding glassware
AH-348-52 Air Fan
AH-348-53 Exhause Fan

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