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Product Code : AG-3064

Hand Pallet Truck

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Type of Pump Black Welding Pump
Nylon Wheels 68 Kg
PU Wheels 70Kg
Hand Pallet Truck Europe Europe design double fork wheels
Min Fork Height 85mm
Big Steering Wheel 180 x 50mm
Fork Wheel 80 x 70mm
Fork Width 550mm
Single Fork Width 160mm
Capacity 2000kg
Min.Fork Height 85 , 75mm
Max. Fork Height 200,190mm
Steering Wheels 50 x 180mm
Load Roller (Single) 80 x 93 , 74 x 93mm
Tandem 80 x 70, 74 x 70mm
Size of Forks 160 x 50mm
Width Overall Forks 550mm
Fork Length 1150mm