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Inclosing Type Thermometer
Total length = 300mm
Cat. No. Type Range
AP-687-1236 alcohol -10 to 50o c(1/2)
AP-687-1237 mercury -10 to 50o c(1/2)
AP-687-1238 alcohol -10 to 110o c(1/1)
AP-687-1239 mercury -10 to 110o c(1/2)
AP-687-1240 alcohol -10 to 150o c(1/1)
AP-687-1241 mercury -10 to 150o c(1/1)
AP-687-1242 mercury -10 to 250o c(1/1)
AP-687-1243 mercury -10 to 360o c(3/1)

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